Øresundsparken is a public green area at Amager in Tårnby council. Øresundsparken is located along Amager Strandvej and is part of Kastrup Strandpark only a stone's throw from Sneglen, Tiøren, Kastrup Fort and Den Blå Planet. Øresundsparken is being used by many local citizens, wether it's for exercise, play or a walk with the dog.


The central location makes sure that it's easy to access no matter which form of transportation you use. If you're traveling from far away, the motorway and Copenhagen airport are only 10 minutes away, and there are plenty of accommodation options in the area. From the airport there is direct train connections to both Sweden and the rest of Copenhagen and Denmark.

How do I get to Øresundsparken?

The metroen stops right by Øresundsparken (Femøren Station and Kastrup Station) and the bus lines 5C, 31 and 78 stop close by. Due to limited parking options we recommend public transport or arriving by bike. More info on transportation will be available on this site at a later time.

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